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Resource Infobox for WordPress


A shortcode, which can be inserted into a post or a page, is provided:

[resource-infobox url=""]

When the page is rendered, this plugin will attempt to find a service definition for the resource. If one is found, it will fetch the data and display an Infobox according to the resource definition.


Service Definitions

Not yet written. This will be a way to specify things that are specific to a service, like GitHub or Wikipedia.

Resource Definitions

Resource Definitions contain the rules for retrieving a kind of resource and rendering an infobox for it. The format is as follows:

  • url: The URL of the resource's web page. This will
  • api_url: The URL of the JSON data for the resource
  • fields: An array of field objects, which contain:
    • label: A descriptive label for the field
    • param: The name of a parameter. Optional. path may be used instead.
    • path: The jsonpointer path of a resource. Example: to get city from {"location": {"city": "Boulder"}}, the path will be "location/city"
    • type: Optional. Currently date is supported.
    • format: Optional. Currently can only be used for fields with the type date. Example: Y-m-d.


hard coded prototype: display information about a resource (URL) in an infobox



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