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W209 Final Project - Philadelphia School Performance
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W209 Final Project - Philadelphia School Performance

About This Project

This project was developed for the w209 Data Visualization class in the UC Berkeley Master of Information and Data Science program.

Our Team Members:

  • Ben Attix
  • Jennifer Philippou
  • Andrew Walters

Other projects from our semester can be found here.

Project Overview

We are focused on giving parents in Philadelphia the information they need to select the best school for their child by aggregating all the data available. Our tool is designed to help guide decisions about the most appropriate school based off each individual’s needs.

In Philadelphia, parents can decide between sending their kids to the public school in their area or to one of several charter schools across the city. Parents might be concerned with comparing their local public school to charter schools in terms of distance, educational quality, safety, and student outcomes, and our goal is to allow parents to prioritize those criteria effectively.

Data Sources

We obtained our data from OpenDataPhilly, the official open data repository for the City of Philadelphia. OpenDataPhilly contains 21 datasets related to the School District of Philadelphia.

Final Website

The final website with our working visualization can be found here. A preview of the dashboard is shown below:

dashboard pic


This project is licensed under the MIT license

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