Code that implements the novel outlier detection algorithms from my Ph.D. dissertation.
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Benjamin Birnbaum
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outlier-detect (
Ben Birnbaum (
Licensed under Apache (see LICENSE)

Python implementions of the Multinomial Model Algorithm (MMA) and the s-Value
Algorithm (SVA), as described in

B. Birnbaum, B. DeRenzi, A. D. Flaxman, and N. Lesh.  Automated quality control
for mobile data collection. In DEV ’12, pages 1:1–1:10, 2012.

B. Birnbaum. Algorithmic approaches to detecting interviewer fabrication in
surveys.  Ph.D. Dissertation, Univeristy of Washington, Department of Computer
Science and Engineering, 2012.

(See for PDF versions of
these papers.)

To install:
  python install

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