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Image Blur - Android

How to use the Blur effects without using a view object.

Doing a blur without the view

If you need a greater level of control you can use the applyBlurTo method to perform the image operations yourself.


The applyBlurTo method takes a dictionary with the following fields.


blurRadius (optional): float

The blurRadius property sets how blurry the image is. By default this value is 8.

image : Url to image

The image parameter is the url to an image that will be used in the blur process. This URL must be local to your app, remote images are not supported

Example - Blurred Background

var mod = require('bencoding.blur');

var win = Ti.UI.createWindow({
	backgroundColor:'white', title:"Image Blur Demo"

var imgblurredImage = mod.applyBlurTo({

var vwTest = Ti.UI.createImageView({
	width:Ti.UI.FILL, height:Ti.UI.FILL,