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This library is compatible with iOS7 and older versions of Titanium. If newer version compatibility is needed please use the order Ti.Geo.* modules


Welcome to the benCoding.basicGeo Titanium project


The benCoding.basicGeo module provides enhanced geo location functionality over the core Titanium framework. For example you can access the native platform reverse geo decoders, or use the built in distance calculations methods.

Project Information

The goal of this project is to provide access to the underlying platform components. This at times makes the API difficult in a cross platform manor. In these cases it is recommended you abstract the differences in your Titanium JavaScript code.

Because of these differences iOS and Android contain their own sub projects with platform specific documentation and examples.

basicGeo for iOS

To learn more about using benCoding.basicGeo for iOS please click here.

A few of the available features:

  • Reverse Geo Decoding using the native iOS 5+ library CLGeocoder
  • "Current Location" information shortcuts, reverse geo locate your current position in one call.
  • Significant Location Monitoring
  • Continued Location Monitoring using CLLocationManager
  • Distance calculation helpers

basicGeo for Android

To learn more about using benCoding.basicGeo for Android please click [here](https://github.com/benbahrenburg/benCoding.BasicGeo/tree/master/android).

A few of the available features:

  • Reverse Geo Decoding using the native Android Geo Decoder API
  • Distance calculation helpers

Licensing & Support

This project is licensed under the OSI approved Apache Public License (version 2). For details please see the license associated with each project.

Developed by Ben Bahrenburg available on twitter @benCoding


The benCoding.basicGeo is a open source project. Please help us by contributing to documentation, reporting bugs, forking the code to add features or make bug fixes or promoting on twitter, etc.

Learn More


Please consider following the @benCoding Twitter for updates and more about Titanium.


For module updates, Titanium tutorials and more please check out my blog at benCoding.Com.