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Welcome to the benCoding.Map Titanium project.

This project is a fork of the iOS Titanium Native Map module. The goal of this project is to add Polgyon overlay support.


This module provides Polgyon overlay support in addition to all of the same features contained within the native Titanium Map module and also UserTracking functionality.

For a list of all the features supported by the Titanium Map module, please reference the documentation here.

See it in action

View our gallery to see many of our features in action.

Before you start

  • You need Titanium 1.8.2 or greater.
  • This module will only work with iOS 5 or great.


  • Download the latest release from the dist folder or you can build it yourself
  • Install the bencoding.map module. If you need help here is a "How To" guide.
  • You can now use the module via the commonJS require method, example shown below.

//Add the core module into your project
var map = require('bencoding.map');

Now we have the module installed and available in our project we can start to use the components, see the documentation link to learn more.


To learn more about the enhanced MapView component please view our doumentation.


The benCoding.Map is a open source project. Please help us by contributing to documentation, reporting bugs, forking the code to add features or make bug fixes or promoting on twitter, etc.

Other Contributors

User Tracking was added by Jose Carlos Andreu @Joscandreu
The Image Tile functionality was provided by Jeff Bonnes @jeffbonnes

Learn More


Please consider following the @benCoding Twitter for updates and more about Titanium.


For module updates, Titanium tutorials and more please check out my blog at benCoding.Com.