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<zk xmlns:w="client">
<div style="margin: 20px;">
<!-- The datebox that use the custom comopnent at server side
Note that the 'onCustomParse=""' is required for
listen to onCustomParse event -->
<datebox lenient="true"
<attribute w:name="doBlur_">
function (evt) {
// store the user input
var userInput = this.$n('real').value;
// do original doBlur_
// store the client side parsed value
this._oriParsedValue = this.$n('real').value;
// tmp set the old value to input
this.$n('real').value = userInput;
// ask a custom parse from server
// the parsed value will be updated by setValue at server side'onCustomParse', {value: userInput});
// show busy to prevent any action when parse date
zAu.cmd0.showBusy(null, 'Busy, parsing...');
// show client side parsed value in label valO, can be removed
jq('$valO')[0].innerHTML = this._oriParsedValue;
<attribute w:name="setBackToOriginal">
// called when the server side parse is finished,
// clear the stored client side parsed value if
// custom parser parse the value without any problem
// if the parse failed at server side,
// reset input value with the original client side parsed value
function (v) {
// reset to original value as need then clear it
if (this._oriParsedValue) {
if (v == 'reset') {
this.$n('real').value = this._oriParsedValue;
// clear valN label, can be removed
jq('$valN')[0].innerHTML = "";
} else { // the else fragment can be removed
// show client side parsed value in label valO
jq('$valN')[0].innerHTML = this.$n('real').value;
this._oriParsedValue = null;
// clear the busy state
<div height="25px"></div>
the client side parsed value: <label id="valO" />
<div height="25px"></div>
the value parsed by custom parser: <label id="valN" />
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