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document_to_private Filter brings Notice...? #39

deckerweb opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Using the "document_to_private" filter to re-set to "publish":

add_filter( 'document_to_private', 'ddw_wpdrsd_default_visibility_public', 10, 2 );
function ddw_wpdrsd_default_visibility_public( $post, $post_pre ) {

    global $post;

    if ( 'document' == get_post_type( $post ) ) {
        return $post_pre;


Is working!
BUT bringing this notice:

NOTICE: wp-content/plugins/wp-document-revisions/wp-document-revisions.php:372 - Trying to get property of non-object

Don't know what to do about this, hope you can help to get the notice fixed.

Thanks, Dave :)


My guess is that at somepoint the post_type is not document, and because you're not returning the original post, it errors out. I'd just return $post_pre in all cases (this filter only fires for documents), or remove the global $post call, and return $post on the last line.


Both suggestions work, but the notice doesn't get away...


Not sure what's going on there. The other guess (which I believe I've done before without error), return $post (rather than $post_pre, but before you do, set the post status to $post_pre's. e.g.,

$post->post_status = $post_pre->post_status;
return $post;

Hi Ben!
Tried all suggestions - while they all do work, the notice doesn't go away... Tried a lot more things. IMHO it may be somethings with "attachments" or so?

However, the background of this question was my little add-on plugin I just released! There the above code is used for a little setting of the add-on --- but this setting (setting visibility to "publish") is disabled by default, of course. Unfortunately, I had to release with unresolved notice but I wouldn't wait any more weeks. Maybe you and the community could help me better to figure this out. If this issue can't be resolved, no prob, so I may remove this little setting and users can always choose visibility manually.

So, here's the little plugin if you're interested in playing around, hope you'll like it:
---> Just works via Hooks & Filters, does not make any permanent modifications. Just for "re-branding" as "Downloads" and adding a few more widgets.

Thanks, Dave :)


Closing as stale, please feel free to reopen if this is still occurring.

@benbalter benbalter closed this
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