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Running WP 3.8, and going to Tools -> Export to Jekyll, the export page never loads properly. It always loads to a blank page.


Same here with WP 3.8.


Similar issue: for me the plugin never shows up to be activated. Any idea what is happening?


Same here, WP 3.8.1


I had two different blogs where I installed this plugin. One worked fine and the other exhibited this blank page issue. I noticed that with the one that worked, I uploaded all my images through WP. With the one that did not work, all of my images were linked to sources external to WP.

I manually created an empty 'uploads' folder in the wp-content directory for the WP installation that was broken. The plugin now functions correctly. The wordpress-to-jekyll plugin may be expecting an uploads folder and terminating if it doesn't find one.


Is this still an issue with the latest version of WordPress?


I have the same problem with with WordPress 4.0.1. and the latest plugin version (2.0). I have also tried to use the command line version but not output at all.
I have got a WordPress Multisite. Maybe this causes the problems.


@MHerbst do you continue to get the blank screen with WP_DEBUG turned on?


Other questions that would be helpful:

  • PHP version
  • Does it occur with all other plugins disabled?

I just installed version 2.0.1 of you plugin and now it works!

@benbalter benbalter closed this Dec 15, 2014

Glad to hear!


I'm having this problem with Wordpress 4.1.1 and version 2.0.1 of the exporter (tested on two different wordpress installs). Are there any known solutions? (Update: deactivating all my plugins except this one does not help.)

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