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Telephone number to timezone converter.
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Sundial is a telephone number to timezone conversion tool. Give it a telephone number (in any format) and it'll tell you the local time and timezone.

Sundial works particularly well with US telephone numbers, and in the US it can look up timezones by area code. Unless your telephone number has an international country code prefix like +44, 0044, +385 or 00385, Sundial will assume that you are converting a US telephone number.


Clone this repo, then install dependencies using bundler:

$ bundle install 

That's the only setup you need to do; after that, just run the application.

$ rackup 

If you'd rather use a hosted copy, check out


Browse to the application root, then enter a telephone number that you would like to lookup. Format is not important.

There are other ways to use Sundial besides visiting that page and typing a number into the box. You can visit a URL like to convert somenumber with the number you want to convert. For example, to convert Cell: 651.342.2323 you would visit the following URL:

Improvements? Ideas?

If you have a specific feature request or if you found a bug, please give me a shout. And of course, please feel free to fork the code or the data and send a pull request with improvements.


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