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jQuery Animate Enhanced Plugin Has Issues With Typekit #101

kingkool68 opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Russell Heimlich Adrien Grsmto Ben Barnett
Russell Heimlich

The jQuery Animate Enhanced plugin is unusable when animating elements that have TypeKit web fonts applied to them. Here is an 8.8MB video of what happens ->

The first half of the video shows what happens when using the plugin (notice the flickering of the text), the second half shows what happens without the plugin (the text no longer flickers).

This doesn't happen in Firefox but it does happen in Chrome. I haven't check in other browsers.

The font being used in this case is "franklin-gothic-urw" if that makes any difference.

Adrien Grsmto

Just put avoidTransforms to true. This is explain is the documentation on the main page of the plugin...

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