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PEoPL–Projectional Editing of Product Lines

Notice that this branch is currently unstable. There might be still problems if you use Windows (Mac and Linux should work okay-ish).

At this point we have a stable version in the branch peopl-mps-3.3.6 that requires a modified version of MPS 3.4 (see for instructions on howto use it). This branch provides a more advanced version that does not require a modified version of MPS and supports mbeddr C ( and Java.

Installation instructions:

  • Get and install MPS 2018.3.6
  • Download the mbeddr 2018.3.4 plugins
  • Copy the mbeddr plugins into MPS.
cp -r ./com.mbeddr.allInOne-1.2.21286.4e0beda-MPS-2018.3.4/plugins/* /Applications/MPS\
  • Replace mbeddr's projectview plugins with the versions provided with PEoPL
cp ./peopl/mbeddr.projectview/gen-from-peopl/* /Applications/MPS\

Now you can either use the peopl plugins or build PEoPL's sources:

Installing the PEoPL plugins

  • Open MPS and select "Configure->Plugins"
  • Select the configuration symbol and then "Install plugins from Disk".
  • Select and install each zip file downloaded from the build/artifacts folder
  • Open the "Stack" solution and play with the classes

Building PEoPL's sources

  • Open MPS and load the PEoPL project (this branch)
  • Make the project (multiple times), while ignoring type checking errors (i.e., it should compile nevertheless)
  • If you experience problems while building go to the directory peopl->core and build "essential", "tools", "view" (right click the directories and choose rebuild). Then go to the peopl directory and build "coreExtensionBaseLanguage", etc..
  • Open the "Stack" solution and play with the classes


Projectional Editing of Software Product Lines






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