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NewRelic plugins (cassandra, varnish, and more to come)
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Plugins for New Relic


All plugins for New Relic requires the following:

  • A New Relic account. Signup for a free account at
  • A cassandra cluster version 1.2.X+
  • A configured Java Runtime (JRE) environment Version 1.6 or better
  • Network access to New Relic (authenticated proxies are not currently supported, but see workaround below)

The Cassandra plugin for New Relic requires the following:

  • A cassandra cluster version 1.2.X+

The Varnish plugin for New Relic requires the following:

  • One or more varnish instances


Download and unpack the New Relic plugin you want from Plugin Central: or the mirror in our homepage:

All plugin download files contain all plugins ready to use, just edit activation.conf to toggle them off and on

Linux example:

$ mkdir /path/to/newrelic-plugin
$ cd /path/to/newrelic-plugin
$ tar xfz newrelic_3legs_plugin*-[plugin_name].tar.gz

Configuring your agent environment

The New Relic plugin runs an agent process to collect and report metrics to New Relic. Configure your New Relic license and plugin information.

Configure your New Relic license

Specify your license key in the necessary properties file. Your license key can be found under Account Settings at see for more help.

Linux example:

$ cp config/ config/
# Edit config/ and paste in your license key

Configure your Plugin properties

Linux example:

$ cp config/template_application.conf config/application.conf
# Edit config/application.conf

Running the agent

To run the plugin in from the command line: $ java -jar newrelic_3legs_plugin*[plugin_name].jar

If your host needs a proxy server to access the Internet, you can specify a proxy server & port: $ java -Dhttps.proxyHost=proxyhost -Dhttps.proxyPort=8080 -jar newrelic_cassandra_plugin*.jar

To run the plugin in from the command line and detach the process so it will run in the background: $ nohup java -jar newrelic_3legs_plugin*[plugin_name].jar &

Note: we currently only support Cassandra version 1.2.X or above, we could add support for older versions if there is enough demand.

Another note: At present there are no init.d scripts to start the New Relic plugin at system startup.

Keep in mind that the plugin connects to your cassandra nodes using RMI, so check if you need to edit and alter the rmi hostname configuration (may not be needed, it depends on your network)
Look for this section:
# jmx: metrics and administration interface # # add this if you're having trouble connecting: # JVM_OPTS="$JVM_OPTS -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=

Keep this process running

You can use services like these to manage this process.

For support

Plugin support for troubleshooting assistance can be obtained by visiting the 3legs homepage or the plugin issues page

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