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UHF digital wireless microphone based on the arduino DUE and SI446x modules
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UHF digital wireless microphone based on the arduino DUE and cheap SI446x modules with 26mhz oscillator.

The project is using DIY shields; 2 x Audio CODEC (WM8731) Mikroe 506 Proto Boards 3 x SI446x shields ( 1 on TX shield and 2 on true diversity RX shield )

The project includes a true diversity reciever setup and will hopfuly support embeded LTC timcode TX RX.

This Code depends on;

Radio modules driver , RadioHead RH_rf24

Custom 200khz RF mask GFSK connfig file fir 26mhz oscilator based modules made with free WDS software had problems with this so went back to using;

rf24module1.setModemConfig(RH_RF24::GFSK_Rb150Fd300); rf24module2.setModemConfig(RH_RF24::GFSK_Rb150Fd300);

I2S SSC driver for ARduino Due
ArduinoDueHIFI ,

LTC Timcode decoding / encoding, libLTC,

IMA_ADPCM audio compression library ,

It early days, don't expect this code to work at all !!

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