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Accessible Accordian Class Pure JS / CSS

A pure JS OOP accessible accordion with CSS transitions.

View a demo here: http://benbowes.github.io/Accessible-Accordian-Class-Pure-JS-CSS/

Works in IE10+

Accordian rules:

  • Panels open and close via a click event on a tab heading.
  • Only one panel can be open at a time.
  • All panels can be closed at the same time.
  • Transitions work in IE10+ and modern browsers


HTML Layout:

<section class="accordion" role="tablist" aria-multiselectable="true">

    <a class="accordion-panel__heading" href="javascript:;">Accordion Panel One</a>
    <div class="accordion-panel__content">

    <a class="accordion-panel__heading" href="javascript:;">Accordion Panel Two</a>
    <div class="accordion-panel__content">


Rough HTML translation:

Accordion Container

    AccordionPanel's clickable heading/tab - controls content area
    AccordionPanel's collapsing content area

    AccordionPanel's clickable heading/tab - controls content area
    AccordionPanel's collapsing content area



myAPP.init = function () {

    // Create Accordian instance. Pass in the classes you want to use for the heading and content panel.
    this.accordionContainer = new myAPP.Accordion({
        heading:    '.accordion-panel__heading',
        content:    '.accordion-panel__content'

    // Select second panel programtically like this
    this.accordionContainer.panels[1].select(); // or myAPP.accordionContainer.panels[0].select();

Removing the focus ring

If you'd like to remove the focus ring from the accordian (and whole page), I can provide 2 options. Note that this is considered a bad practice by some accessibilty professionals however note that VoiceOver, NVDA and Chromevox screenreaders add their own focus ring.

A CSS version:

  outline: 0;

And a keyboard initiated version as stated here: http://www.paciellogroup.com/blog/2012/04/how-to-remove-css-outlines-in-an-accessible-manner/

The keyboard version essentially adds the above CSS on mouseclick and removes the CSS on keyup.