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A Python script that prints lines of current weather info. Intended to be used with GeekTool or Growl.
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Weathertext is a short Python script that prints current weather information and forecasts gathered from NOAA, Yahoo!, and/or Google via the pywapi library. It's primary intent is to be called by GeekTool or Growl to display the information on a Mac.

A longer description of the goals of weathertext and its use of pywapi can be found in this blog post and this one. Here's a way to configure GeekTool to run weathertext every 15 minutes:

And here's a shell pipeline that puts the info in a Growl window:

    ~/bin/weathertext | /usr/local/bin/growlnotify -t Weather

Weather.cgi is a Python script that does basically the same thing as weathertext but generates HTML intended for the iPhone instead of plain text. The main addition is a radar image set between the current conditions and the forecast.

Both these scripts are customized for where I live but can be easily changed by edited the lines that set

  1. the NOAA station's name;
  2. the zip code for Yahoo! weather; and
  3. the URL for the radar image.
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