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A proof of content using [Node.js]( with [](
By [Ben Buckman, New Leaf Digital](
+**An expanded version of this app is now part of the New Leaf Digital Apps suite: code at [nld-apps-hq]( and hosted at [](**
## Use case
A family goes to the mall together with a list of things to buy.
As they shop, they think of new things to add to the list.
@@ -12,5 +14,8 @@ So they use an **interactive shopping list** to keep everyone in sync!
## How to use
Run as a node.js app, `node app.js`. Then each user connects to the server's URL at port 3000.
-## Demo
-If it happens to be up at the moment, try (No guarantee that it will stay live.)
+## Hosted
+Visit []( for the expanded version of this app, hosted for public use.
+## License
+This early version of the code is available under the MIT license.

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