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Node.js module/script to fetch the Google search ranking for a phrase

Node.js module: Google Ranking

A node.js module that fetches Google search results, or the Google search ranking for a phrase.

npm install google-ranking

Example use case: Measure your business's rankings for strategic keywords and plot them on a graph over time.

Example code: see example.js


Using this module might be a violation of Google's Terms of Service. I take no responsibility for the way you use it. Any violation of Google's TOS resulting from using this module is entirely the user's responsibility.


getGoogleRanking(searchPhrase, urlChecker, callback)

Finds where in the top 100 results a match is found. (Only gets as many as needed, doesn't get 100 if found earlier)

urlChecker can be:

  • a string, then visible URL is indexOf'd w/ the string.
  • a function, gets a result array (w/url, title, description), should return true on match.

callback gets `error, result where result contains: title, url, description, page, ranking; or false if not found.

getGoogleResults(searchPhrase, callback)

Gets the top 100 results for a search query, passes them as an array to callback.

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