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A Spanish flashcards project to learn node.js, express.js, and mongodb

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Spanish Flashcards in Node.js

by Ben Buckman,

This was a little app to help me learn two things at once: node.js (and its surrounding ecosystem) and Spanish.

An expanded version of this app is now part of the New Leaf Digital Apps suite: code at nld-apps-hq and hosted at

To run:

  • Create a config.js file in the root. See example.config.js.
  • Run the app (node app.js)

You can run multiple instances of the app with different --db and --port parameters.

Post about this app and lessons learned from coding it is here. Follow my travels in Argentina at and my tech blog at


Visit for the expanded version of this app, hosted for public use.


This early version of the code is available under the MIT license.

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