A Spanish flashcards project to learn node.js, express.js, and mongodb
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Spanish Flashcards in Node.js

by Ben Buckman, newleafdigital.com

This was a little app to help me learn two things at once: node.js (and its surrounding ecosystem) and Spanish.

An expanded version of this app is now part of the New Leaf Digital Apps suite: code at nld-apps-hq and hosted at apps.newleafdigital.com.

To run:

  • Create a config.js file in the root. See example.config.js.
  • Run the app (node app.js)

You can run multiple instances of the app with different --db and --port parameters.

Post about this app and lessons learned from coding it is here. Follow my travels in Argentina at http://steph-and-ben.blogspot.com and my tech blog at http://tech.benbuckman.net.


Visit apps.newleafdigital.com/flashcards for the expanded version of this app, hosted for public use.


This early version of the code is available under the MIT license.