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Rakefile is a software management tool built as an exercise in learning rails-api with ember-js.

There are many things that need to be done for this project. Namely:

  • Figure integration with Jasmine tests
  • Add integration testing
  • Evaluate whether idiomatic Ember patterns are used for communication between views and controllers


$ git clone ssh://
$ cd trakio
$ bundle
$ rake db:create db:schema:load
$ rails s


The Rails API portion of the application has its tests written using RSpec. Run them using the following:

$ rspec spec

Tests for the Javascript client portion of the application are written using Jasmine, and are run using the extremely useful jasminerice gem.

You can run the Jasmine tests in-browser by starting up the application and navigating to http://localhost:3000/jasmine. Tests can also be run headlessly using the guard-jasmine gem from the command line. First, install phantom-js. On OS X, assuming you have homebrew, this is as easy as:

$ brew install phantomjs

After phantomjs is installed, run the tests by simply executing guard-jasmine:

$ guard-jasmine
14:27:49 - INFO - Guard::Jasmine starts webrick spec server on port 55703 in test environment (coverage off).
14:27:52 - INFO - Waiting for Jasmine test runner at http://localhost:55703/jasmine
14:27:52 - INFO - Run all Jasmine suites
14:27:52 - INFO - Run Jasmine suite at http://localhost:55703/jasmine
14:27:54 - INFO - Finished in 0.005 seconds
14:27:54 - INFO - Trakio.Comment
14:27:54 - INFO -   #createdAtString
14:27:54 - INFO -     ✔ should be a tautology
14:27:54 - INFO - 1 spec, 0 failures
14:27:54 - INFO - Done.
14:27:54 - INFO - Guard::Jasmine stops server.
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