A stupidly simple Markdown to HTML framework for Apache. You can even choose a theme!
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About MDEngine

MDEngine is a simple website development platform based on Markdown and PHP.

Create your own template (or use the default) and simply add your Markdown files to your web root and they'll be processed into HTML.

Requires PHP and an Apache server (>= 2.2.16) running mod_dir in .htaccess files.

For an online demo, see http://mdengine.benburwell.com/.


Simply download MDEngine, unzip it and place it in your web root directory. All existing content will act as it did before, and any Markdown files you add will be handled by MDEngine.


MDEngine is highly extensible, but also usable straight out of the box. To that end, MDEngine currently comes with three themes. To change the theme, you must edit the settings.php file.

Find the $mdengine['theme'] and change its value to the name of the theme you want to use. The default is plain. Currently available options are:

  • plain: a simple red and black on white single column layout
  • light: similar to plain; uses Ethan Schoonover's Solarized colors
  • dark: also uses Solarized, but with a dark base