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A "retrofuturism" inspired monospaced programming font, with unique characters and strong alphanumeric distinction
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A unique monospaced programming font, inspired by "retrofuturism". The alphabetical characters of the font are designed as an homage to the aesthetic of older science fiction movies and magazines, while the numerical characters are an expansion on digital clock numbers. Both numbers and symbols were given special design consideration to stand out from alphabetical characters as well. The result is a font that creates a strong distinction between all types of glyphs and has a unique appearance, while still maintaining perfect legibility for writing and debugging code.

Screenshot - C Screenshot - Bash Screenshot - JavaScript Screenshot - Python


Download the AnomalyMono.otf file and open it. Your OS should see that it's a new font file and give you the option to install it.


Created by Ben Busby (

Licensed under the SIL Open Font License (see LICENSE)

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