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Ncurses Arcade

A collection of command line games, built with ncurses.


  • Command Line
    • Requires ncurses
    git clone
    cd ncurses-arcade
  • Web (tiny-moon-runner only)
    git clone
    cd ncurses-arcade
    git checkout web
    open index.html


Tiny Moon Runner

A small ASCII endless runner, originally created for the Apollo 11 GC Game Jam. Also available as an iframe-able browser game in the web branch.

The theme of the game jam was to create a simple game that took up less than 32 kilobytes of memory (the capacity of the Apollo 11 guidance computer).

The visuals in the game are accomplished using a 2D matrix of characters that are updated on a regular interval to achieve a constant "framerate", with the characters moved between rows and colums of the matrix to simulate motion:


Also available via browser on