example intermediate modules for Processwire CMS
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My Processwire intermediate modules

  • RedirectAdminPages - redirect specific user role to a custom page set in the module config.

    • This module shows how to implement module configuration,
    • using variables saved in the admin,
    • redirecting a user using session->redirect()
  • TextformatterFindReplace - adds Textformatter to text field formatters so so that you can find and replace text in the frontend

    • example of module extending Textformatter
  • ProcessSimpleAdminPage - adds custom admin page to CMS

    • examples how to add custom admin pages
    • shows how to create new pages in modules
    • install and uninstall pages from admin
  • PageDeferredPublish - adds Publish later buttons to Page Tree and Page Edit pages which allow a page to be drafted and then published at some time interval in the future. Defaults to 24hrs.

    • example of using a required module
    • using LazyCron module to run functions
    • installing fields
    • saving page fields within a module

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