Mailchimp integration for Processwire
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Mailchimp API 3 integration for Processwire 2.4+.

WireMailChimp module by Ben Byford Mailchimp PHP API wrapper by drewm

Intended to be used with Processwire's internal user functionality for saving and signing up new users. WireMailChimp allows user's email addresses to be subscribed to a specific mailchimp list. Only adds users that have a checked email_subscribe field to true during user save.


Install module in modules folder in your Processwire installation. update modules in admin and install module.

Create or find a list in mailchimp and get the list ID. create or find a new mailchimp API code.


Add your Mailchimp API code and List ID to allow module to send email subscribes to list.


  • move mailchimp class out to it's own file for easy update
  • make more configurable
  • catch errors better
  • allow users to delete themselves from lists from PW not just from mailchimp emails