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Simple demo Java Spring Boot web app for deploying to Azure, Docker etc
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Java - Demo Web Application

This is a simple Java web app built using Spring Boot and OpenJDK 11.

The app has been designed with cloud native demos & containers in mind, in order to provide a real working application for deployment, something more than "hello-world" but with the minimum of pre-reqs. It is not intended as a complete example of a fully functioning architecture or complex software design.

Typical uses would be deployment to Kubernetes, demos of Docker, CI/CD (build pipelines are provided), deployment to cloud (Azure) monitoring, auto-scaling

The app has several basic pages accessed from the top navigation menu, some of which are only lit up when certain configuration variables are set (see 'Optional Features' below):


  • The 'Info' page displays some system basic information (OS, platform, CPUs, IP address etc) and should detect if the app is running as a container or not.
  • The 'Tools' page is useful in demos, and has options such a forcing CPU load (for autoscale demos), and error pages for use with App Insights
  • The 'mBeans' page is a basic Java mBeans explorer, letting you inspect mBeans registered with the JVM and the properties they are exposing
  • Azure AD integration for user auth and sign-in (optional, see config below)
  • Azure App Insights for monitoring (optional, see config below)

Config - Environmental Variables

  • PORT
  • azure_applicationinsights_instrumentationkey
  • spring_security_oauth2_client_registration_azure_clientid
  • spring_security_oauth2_client_registration_azure_clientsecret
  • azure_activedirectory_tenantid

NOTE. The Azure AD application must be registered with a reply/redirect URL which ends with /login/oauth2/code/azure, and implicit grant enabled

Running with Maven


./mvnw spring-boot:run

With configuration:

export azure_applicationinsights_instrumentationkey='my-key'
export spring_security_oauth2_client_registration_azure_clientid='my-client-id'
export spring_security_oauth2_client_registration_azure_clientsecret='my-secret'
export azure_activedirectory_tenantid='my-tenant'

./mvnw spring-boot:run

Running with Docker


docker run --rm -it -p 8080:8080 bencuk/java-demoapp

With configuration:

docker run --rm -it -p 8080:8080 \
-e azure_applicationinsights_instrumentationkey="my-key" \
-e spring_security_oauth2_client_registration_azure_clientid="my-client-id" \
-e spring_security_oauth2_client_registration_azure_clientsecret="my-secret" \
-e azure_activedirectory_tenantid="my-tenant" \

GitHub Actions CI/CD

A working CI and release GitHub Actions workflow is provided .github/workflows/build-deploy-aks.yml, automated builds are run in GitHub hosted runners

GitHub Actions


  • Dec 2019 - First version
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