Simple demo Node.js Express web app for deploying to Azure, Docker etc
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Node.js - Demo app for Azure

This is a simple Node.js web app using the Express framework and EJS templates. It has been designed with cloud demos in mind, to show things like auto scaling in Azure and Application Insights monitoring

Based on the standard express-generator template with EJS views e.g. express --git --view=ejs but has been enhanced with Bootstrap, FontAwesome and App Insights.

The app has four basic pages accessed from the top navigation menu:

  • INFO - Will show some system & runtime information, and will also display if the app is running from within a Docker container.
  • WEATHER - Performs geo IP reverse lookup of the requesting client using The resulting location is used to fetch a weather forecast from the Dark Sky weather API. The results are show using animated Skycons. The has the added bonus of allowing you to see dependency calls (out to both external APIs) when monitored by App Insights. API keys need to be provided, see configuration below
  • CPU LOAD - Simply runs a lot of maths calcs in a loop to max the CPU, can be used to trigger auto-scaling rules and other monitoring scenarios
  • TODO - This is a small todo/task-list app which uses MongoDB as a database. Enable this when demo'ing App Insights to show a more complete and real application. Note. this view only appears when configured, see configuration below

screen screen screen


Standard npm install and start with npm start. Web app will be listening on the usual Express port of 3000 or what is set in PORT environmental variable. Tested with both Node 6.11 and 8.9


The following configuration environmental variables are used. These can be set directly or will be picked up from an .env file if it is present.

Name Default Description
PORT 4000 Port the server will listen on
MONGO_CONNSTR none Connect to specified MongoDB connection string, when set the Todo feature will be enabled in the menu bar
APPINSIGHTS_INSTRUMENTATIONKEY none Enable Application Insights monitoring
WEATHER_API_KEY none DarkSky weather API key. Info here
GEOIP_API_KEY none IPStack geo-lookup API key. Info here


Public Docker image is available on Dockerhub.
Note. The Docker image includes SSH support, this is to enable the web console feature when running this app as a container in Azure Web App for Containers.
Run with docker run -d -p 3000:3000 bencuk/nodejs-demoapp

Application Insights

The app has been instrumented with the Application Insights SDK, it will however need to be configured to point to your App Insights instance.
To configure this, set the APPINSIGHTS_INSTRUMENTATIONKEY environmental variable to the relevant key for your active instance. If running in an Azure Web App, this can be set as an application setting in Azure.

This article has more information on monitoring App Insights with Node.js

Azure Templates

Templates for deployment to Azure with "quick deploy" buttons are here


  • Jul 2018 - Switched todo app over to MongoDB, fixed weather
  • Feb 2018 - Updated App Insights monitoring
  • Nov 2017 - Update to use Node 8.9
  • Oct 2017 - Updated App Insights, improved Dockerfile
  • Sept 2017 - Added weather page
  • Sept 2017 - Major revamp. Switched to EJS, added Bootstrap and App Insights
  • Aug 2017 - Minor changes and fixes for CRLF stuff
  • July 2017 - Updated Dockerfile to use super tiny Alpine Node 6 image
  • June 2017 - Moved repo to Github