Map for locating CSHers and Alumni across the country and around the world
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CSH Alumni Map

Visualizing the diaspora of CSHers out of Rochester, NY using the Google Maps API.

Members of Computer Science House can see the map here:


The "loader" page to deploy to CSH systems. Pulls in the deployed JS and CSS and initializes the app with required Webauth values (uid and cn).


A static BackboneJS app. Relies on a consuming page (index.php) to provide Webauth info.

See client/


A JSON API written in Express, backed by a MySQL database.

See server/


Fork. Clone. Code. Test. PR. +1. Merge.

Project History

For future CSHers maintaining this project:

I initially wrote this in 2014, just after graduating from RIT. It worked, but it became a mess of crappy PHP and unorganized JavaScript.

In late 2015, after joining an all-JavaScript team at Constant Contact, I decided I needed some practice with Backbone and ES2015. I also wanted to try out Node and Express. This project seemed like the perfect fit.

In addition to learning new frameworks and syntax, I wanted to treat this project like a "real-world" web app - maintainable code, linting, unit tests, Gruntfiles, the whole deal. I think I mostly succeeded.

In late 2016, after many long breaks, I finally achieved feature parity with the original (minus some unnecessary admin stuff). As such, I'm calling it "done." I'll still maintain it - I am hosting the backend API myself - but I hope to get current CSHers to contribute if any big feature requests come up.


  • Ben

P.S. - Unlike the first version, the rewrite tracks each time a user changes their location on the map. The client doesn't show it, but the data is available for people to use in other projects!