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defmodule Benchee.Suite do
@moduledoc """
Main benchee data structure that aggregates the results from every step.
Different layers of the benchmarking rely on different data being present
here. For instance for `Benchee.Statistics.statistics/1` to work the
`run_time_data` key of each scenario needs to be filled with the samples
collected by `Benchee.Benchmark.collect/1`.
Formatters can then use the data to display all of the results and the
defstruct [
configuration: %Benchee.Configuration{},
scenarios: []
@typedoc """
Valid key for either input or benchmarking job names.
@type key :: String.t() | atom
@typedoc """
The main suite consisting of the configuration data, information about the system and most
importantly a list of `t:Benchee.Scenario.t/0`.
@type t :: %__MODULE__{
configuration: Benchee.Configuration.t() | nil,
system: map | nil,
scenarios: [] | [Benchee.Scenario.t()]
defimpl DeepMerge.Resolver, for: Benchee.Suite do
def resolve(original, override = %Benchee.Suite{}, resolver) do
cleaned_override =
|> Map.from_struct()
|> Enum.reject(fn {_key, value} -> is_nil(value) end)
Map.merge(original, cleaned_override, resolver)
def resolve(original, override, resolver) when is_map(override) do
Map.merge(original, override, resolver)
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