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Benche formatter to output json
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Formats a benchee benchmarking suite to a JSON representation and can also write it to disk. Actively used in benchee_html to generate JSON, and embed it into the JavaScript to give the JS access to the benchmarking results for graphing purposes.


Add benchee_json to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
  [{:benchee_json, "~> 1.0", only: :dev}]


Like a normal benchee formatter:

list = Enum.to_list(1..10_000)
map_fun = fn(i) -> [i, i * i] end{
  "flat_map"    => fn -> Enum.flat_map(list, map_fun) end,
  "map.flatten" => fn -> list |> |> List.flatten end
  formatters: [
    {Benchee.Formatters.JSON, file: "my.json"},


Contributions to benchee_json are very welcome! Bug reports, documentation, spelling corrections, whole features, feature ideas, bugfixes, new plugins, fancy graphics... all of those (and probably more) are much appreciated contributions!

Please respect the Code of Conduct.

You can get started with a look at the open issues.

A couple of (hopefully) helpful points:

  • Feel free to ask for help and guidance on an issue/PR ("How can I implement this?", "How could I test this?", ...)
  • Feel free to open early/not yet complete pull requests to get some early feedback
  • When in doubt if something is a good idea open an issue first to discuss it
  • In case I don't respond feel free to bump the issue/PR or ping me on other places


  • mix deps.get to install dependencies
  • mix test to run tests
  • mix credo or mix credo --strict to find code style problems (not too strict with the 80 width limit for sample output in the docs)
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