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  • New order for searching for covers
  • Console version can now extract jpeg covers
  • Console version displays version number in help information
Assets 3
  • New way of handling file datestamps in zip library.
  • Update cover handling to handle OPF 3.0.1 standard (properties="cover-image")
Assets 3
  • Fix for description box not being cleared when moving between items in the Batch panel file list.
  • Work-around for weird dates in the file properties causing an exception error.
Assets 3
  • Batch replace field operation now allows the user to replace chosen fields with an empty string. A dialog will appear for the user to confirm this potentially data-destructive operation!
Assets 3
  • Handle fields with line breaks in them (by removing the line breaks)
  • Handle opf files with (unnecessary) "<cd:creator />" items (by deleting them)
Assets 3
  • Updated zipstorer.vb to 3.3.0.
  • Better handle errors during saving process. The program now generates a sensible error message if zip creation fails and ensures that the original file does not get corrupted or deleted. (However, saving is noticeably slower as a consequence of creating a temp file, deleting the original file, copying the temp file to original filename, and then deleting the temp file.)
  • No need to create temp file when viewing unchanged EPUB in external viewer.
  • Give sensible error message if zip creation fails when viewing changed EPUB in external viewer.
  • You can now view htm files using the "View file..." button.
Assets 3
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