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This script demonstrates how to import and register entities. In this example, we are importing antibodies defined in a JSON file:

  • Each Antibody entity links to a Heavy Chain and a Light Chain entity
  • The Heavy Chain and Light Chain are amino acid (AA) sequences

The antibodies to import are provided in the following format:

  "name": "AB-BRCA2-001",


This script requires the Registry and Molecular Biology applications. In addition, the script expects two entity schemas to be configured (instructions).

  • An Antibody schema with Heavy Chain and Light Chain fields: Antibody fields
  • A Chain schema with the AA Sequence entity type and a unique constraint on the amino acid sequence: Chain schema

Finally, you need the ID of a folder to import into. You can find or create a folder, and then use the API to list all folders and find the ID of your folder.

How to run the script

python \
  --domain \
  --api-key $YOUR_API_KEY
  --folder-id lib_9NmU9eFB \
  --registry-id src_Lmysq16b \
  --antibody-schema-id ts_LpAfe6xV \
  --chain-schema-id ts_M9ft0HsP \

If successful, the script will print the Registry IDs of the new Antibody and Chain entities:

Registered new Antibody TA001 with Heavy Chain C-577,397 and Light Chain C-448,864
Registered new Antibody TA002 with Heavy Chain C-495,242 and Light Chain C-875,143
Registered new Antibody TA003 with Heavy Chain C-495,242 and Light Chain C-227,055

How to view the imported entities

To view the imported entities, open the folder that they were imported into: Entities in folder

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