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Use this if you're planning on taking my Haskell hands-on course at Haskell Exchange 2018
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Haskell eXchange 2018 Hands-on RESTful API Tutorial

If you're participating in this tutorial, you should bring a laptop which can build Haskell code. The following steps should help you get your laptop into that state.

Ideally do this setup step before coming to Haskell eXchange. It should take about half an hour (depending on how much you already have set up).

  1. First, install 'stack', for example by following the instructions at

  2. Get this repository onto your laptop. For example:

$ git clone
  1. Build the pre-requisites test code:
$ stack build
$ stack exec check-tutorial

You should see the message Congratulations! Haskell eXchange 2018 tutorial setup is complete. on your console.

If you have problems with the above, ideally resolve them before the tutorial - if you need help, email

This will both verify that your installation works, and also download some Haskell packages that are needed during the tutorial. This will save time when you come to use them during the tutorial so that you do not need to download them over the Haskell eXchange wifi. So please follow these steps even if you know your 'stack' installation already works.

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