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An opinionated kit to provide people some inspiration and ideas for their own workflows.

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Ben's Obsidian Boilerplate

An opinionated boilerplate for people using Obsidian.

If you're new to Obsidian, I'd recommend just using it without any plugins or configs. Just get familiar with the interface as a Markdown editor and linking things.

Once you're more acclimated to it, then feel free to take pieces of inspiration from the boilerplate!

Getting Up and Running

  1. Download and install Obsidian
  2. Download or clone a fork of this repo
  3. Open Obsidian and you should see a prompt like below:

Obsidian open prompt

  1. Click on the Open button next to "Open folder as vault"
  2. Select the folder you've downloaded / cloned from Step #2.
  3. When prompted with "Safe Mode," select Turn off Safe Mode which will enable you to utilize the third party plugins that are critical to this starter kit
  4. You should be prompted with the "Preferences" pane, if not, you can open it by selecting the Settings (Cog) icon in the bottom left corner, or opening it with Cmd + , (macOS) / Ctrl + , (Windows)

Obsidian Preferences panel

  1. Go to "Community Plugins"
  2. Ensure all "Installed Plugins" by are enabled. If not, toggle the switch on each one to turn everything on
  3. And you're good to go!

Next Steps

This resource is currently in development and more documentation will be created as time goes on, but if you have specific questions, don't hesitate to file an issue on the repo!


An opinionated kit to provide people some inspiration and ideas for their own workflows.







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