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The purpose of this repo was originally to maintain the code responsible for the entire infrastructure of the blog. However, the number of obstacles and complications involved in maintaining the blog infrastructure while also creating content proved to be too much.

While I would love to complete control over every aspect of the site, for now I have begun the process of reverting back into WordPress. It is a painful process and there will be numerous bugs as I do so, but I think it will fix more problems than it creates.


So what's the point of this repo? I plan to continue using it for writing posts and keeping all my content here in the event my server / WordPress instance ever magically disappears. Another benefit I gain with this repo is that it will give me a place to track blog issues and feature requests.

And on the upside, this will house any experiments I'd like to do if I ever want to try a WordPress free infrastructure. Until then though,


Track Progress

You can track my progress with issues here: Issues Board.

Submit a Bug or Request

The best way would be to submit an issue on the Issues page.

My next recommendation would be to contact me directly on Twitter.

I would post my email here so you could directly contact as well, but I have some concerns about it getting lost since email can be a little unreliable due to the amount of noise and potenital issues (i.e., spam bots) that comes with email. You are more than welcome to contact me directly for my email address if you'd like to get in touch with me though!


Version: 4.0.0-beta