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package.json 2015 theme


Port fowarding on max osx sudo gulp forward:ports

default Live reload changes at bcooling.local (or localhost:3011) gulp

dry Minify, rev assets & view snapshot (no livereloading) at bcooling.local gulp dry

deploy Minify, rev assets & push to github master branch gulp deploy

Create thumbnail for images

cd _src/assets/images/posts

mogrify \
-thumbnail 326x326^ \
-gravity center -extent 270x270 \
-path 270x270 \

mogrify \
-thumbnail 326x326^ \
-gravity center -extent 326x326 \
-path 326x326 \
mogrify \
-thumbnail 326x326^ \
-gravity center -extent 326x326 \
-path 326x326 \

Rename highlightjs css theme files to scss
renamer --find ".css" --replace ".scss" "*"


Modular Scale 76.245 59.301 47.123 36.651 29.124 22.652 18.000 14.000 11.125 8.653 6.876


  • Add sitemap (look for plugin)
  • Add anchors to post titles, data-year atttribute
  • Add years nav menu
  • Scoll event check top post tile data-year
  • image minification, rewrite tasks based on jekyll workflow
  • refactor wui tooltip