A Python package with various tools for downloading images from flickr and posting them to a Photoblog running on Wordpress.
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A Python package with various tools for downloading images from flickr and posting them to a Photoblog running on Wordpress. Further information available in this tutorial.

  • Author: Ben Cowell-Thomas
  • Contact: http://bct.me
  • Created: 18/08/2013
  • Updated: 20/09/2013


  • The metadata functions require the pyexiv2 library for Python. Some tips for compiling the library can be found here
  • The flickr download function requires the flickrapi by Sybren Stüvel library for Python


  • Rename default_userinfo.py to userinfo.py
  • Add your Wordpress address, username, post type and taxonomy etc in the userinfo.py file
  • Get an API key from Flickr API key
  • Fill in the taxonomy information (see below)
  • Import the photoblog package into Python

Taxonomy information:

In the userinfo module you'll find a section for taxonomy information. This tells the module how the meta data between flickr, files and wordpress is related. For example if you'd like flickr 'tags' to be stored in each jpeg file as IPTC 'keywords' and then posted via a custom taxonomy 'labels' you would add an array element like this:

CUSTOM_TAXONOMYS = [{'name': 'label', 'taxonomy': 'labels', 'metadata': 'Iptc.Application2.Keywords', 'flickr': 'tag'}]

You can add as many of these structs as you like. Add the value 'None' for the flickr keyword if you don't want to associate the taxonomy with flickr (currently there's only support for flickr tags) For example this is how my photoblog is set up :

CUSTOM_TAXONOMYS = [{'name': 'label', 'taxonomy': 'photo_label', 'metadata': 'Iptc.Application2.Keywords', 'flickr': 'tag'},
                   {'name': 'set', 'taxonomy': 'photo_set', 'metadata': 'Iptc.Application2.Caption', 'flickr': None },
                   {'name': 'favourite', 'taxonomy':'photo_favourite', 'metadata': 'Iptc.Application2.SpecialInstructions', 'flickr': None}]


  1. flickr.download()

    Downloads all photographs from a particular Flickr user and embeds flickr meta into the file meta data.

    • Returns a folder name where the images have been saved.


    • download folder (path) - folder in which to save images


    • amount (int) - max amount of images to retrieve. Set to 0 for all (default)
  2. files.organize()

    Organises a folder filled with images, movies and thumbnails into dated folders (YYYY_MM). This is especially useful for sorting out images from data cards etc.


    • source folder (path) - folder to organise


    • debug (bool) - will analyse folder without moving images (default = False)

    NOTE: Be careful this module will MOVE files, always make a backup first

  3. wordpress.post()

    Uploads a folder of images and creates individual blog posts for each, uses file meta data to create wordpress taxonomy. Use the constants module to set how you want the match file metadata with Wordpress taxonomy.


    • source_folder (path) - folder to retrieve images from

    Optional Arguments:

    • subfolders (bool) - whether to process subfolders (default = True)
    • debug (bool) - if set to True will not post to Wordpress (default = False)

    NOTE: Be careful this module could very quickly post hundreds of images to your blog. Backup your Wordpress database BEFORE attempting to post.

  4. batch.process()

    For batch processing images from flickr to Wordpress

    Optional Arguments:

    • flickr (bool) - get images from flickr
    • subfolders (bool) - include subfolders
    • post (bool) - upload images to Wordpress


  • If you chose to first grab images from flickr then it'll first ask for your permission to authenticate (read only privs) with flickr
  • My images are organised into dated folders in the format YYYY_MM so if no date is found in the EXIF the folder name will be used as a fallback


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