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React-Redux Grid


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A Grid and Tree Component written in React using the Redux Pattern with plenty of open source examples, and an interesting backstory.

React Redux Grid


  • Flat List or Tree Structure 🌲
  • Local and/or Remote Data Source
  • Local and/or Remote Pagination
  • Extensive Column Definitions 💪
  • Draggable Column Width/Resizing
  • Draggable Column Ordering
  • Sortable Columns
  • Grid Action Menus
  • Bulk Action Toolbar
  • Selection Model (Single, MultiSelect, Checkbox)
  • Event Handling for all kinds of DOM Events (List Below)
  • Extendable and Modular Style Built with JavaScript :bowtie:
  • Loading Mask
  • Built-in Error Handling Module
  • Handles Huge amount of Records (1000000+)


$ npm install react-redux-grid --save

If you would like to build and run the demo in your browser:

$ git clone
$ cd react-redux-grid
$ npm install
$ npm run start

Open your browser to: http://localhost:3000


Examples Github


import React from "react";
import { render } from "react-dom";
import { Grid } from "react-redux-grid";

    <Grid data={data} stateKey={stateKey} />,



Grid Level Parameters

Prop Type Description
stateful bool the grid will store column configuration in browser local storage (based off of stateKey, so the key must be unique across all grids in a single application)
height oneOfType([number, string, bool]) the height of the grid container, if false, then no height will be set
stateKey string unique id for grid, more information available
showTreeRootNode bool used with tree-grid, to determine if root node should be displayed
classNames array a list of strings to be applied to the grid container as classes
events object grid event object, more information below
reducerKeys object object describing custom named reducers, more information below
pageSize int number of records to shown on a single grid page
emptyDataMessage any can be a string or a react component, which will be displayed if no grid data is available
dragAndDrop bool whether drag and drop of rows should be enabled
gridType oneOf(['grid', 'tree']) whether the grid will be a flat list or a tree view
data arrayOf(object) local data for grid to display, more information available
dataSource func function which returns data to display, more information available
filterFields object optional object describing additional values to filter grid data


export const columns = [
        name: "Name",
        dataIndex: "name",
        editor: '<input type="text" required />',
        width: "10%",
        className: "additional-class",
        renderer: ({ column, value, row }) => <span> Name: {value} </span>,
        hidden: false,
        placeholder: "Name",
        validator: ({ value, values }) => value.length > 0,
        change: ({ values }) => ({
            otherColDataIndex: "newValue",
        editable: ({ value, values }) => {
            if (value === "ShouldDisabled") {
                return true;
            return false;
        hideable: false,
        resizable: false,
        moveable: false,
        HANDLE_CLICK: () => {
            console.log("Header Click");
        createKeyFrom: true,
Prop Type Description
name string title of column to be displayed
dataIndex oneOfType([string, array]) the key accessor for the column value (required parameter). more information available
editor jsx when an editor is used, this element will be rendered in place of the edited cell, more information available
width int width of column (if none is provided, a default width will be applied)
className array additional class names to apply to header of this column
renderer func a function which returns the cell contents for this column, more information available
hidden bool whether the column is hidden or visible
hideable bool whether the column can be hidden
moveable bool whether this column can be moved
placeholder string the placeholder that will be used for the editor input
validator func a func that should return a boolean, to determine if the newly input value is valid
change func a func that should return an object where keys are the dataIndex of affected columns, and the values will be the new values associated with that dataIndex.
editable oneOfType([func, bool]) whether the field should be disabled while in edit mode.
createKeyFrom bool see full documentation on createKeyFrom
sortFn func when a local sort action occurs, you can provide a method that will be passed to sort


export const plugins = {
    EDITOR: {
        type: "inline",
        enabled: true,
        focusOnEdit: true,
Prop Type Description
type oneOf(['inline', 'grid']) two editors are available by default. in grid mode, all fields are editable. in inline mode, only a single line is editable at a time
enabled bool if true, the grid will have an editor available
focusOnEdit bool focus the first editable input when an edit event occurs (defaults to true)

Column Manager

export const plugins = {
        resizable: false
        defaultColumnWidth: `${100 / columns.length}%`,
        minColumnWidth: 10,
        moveable: true,
        headerActionItemBuilder: () => {},
        sortable: {
            enabled: true,
            method: 'local',
            sortingSource: 'http://url/to/sortingSource'
Prop Type Description
resizable bool will set all columns to resizable. This parameter will not override columns that have declared they are not resizable from the columns array
defaultColumnWidth int if no column width is provided, columns will be divided equally. this can be overwritten by providing a new string template
minColumnWidth int the minimum width a column can be dragged to
moveable bool whether the columns can be reordered by drag
headerActionItemBuilder func build a custom jsx component to be used as the header action items
sortable object an object that describes whether columns can be sorted
sortable.enabled bool an object that describes whether columns can be sorted
sortable.method oneOf(['local', 'remote']) whether sorting will execute locally, or remotely
sortable.sortingSource string where sorting data will be retrieved (a required parameter for remote sorting)


export const plugins = {
    PAGER: {
        enabled: true,
        pagingType: "remote",
        toolbarRenderer: (
        ) => {
            return `${pageIndex * pageSize} through ${
                pageIndex * pageSize + currentRecords
            } of ${total} ${recordType} Displayed`;
        pagerComponent: false,
Prop Type Description
enabled bool whether a pager will be used, defaults to true
pagingType oneOf(['local', 'remote']) defaults to local
toolbarRenderer func a function which which returns the description of the current pager state, ex: 'Viewing Records 10 of 100'
pagerComponent jsx if you'd like to pass your own pager in, you can supply a jsx element which will replace the pager entirely

Grid Actions

export const plugins = {
        iconCls: "action-icon",
        onMenuShow: ({ columns, rowData }) => {
            console.log("This event fires before menushow");

            if (rowData.isDisabled) {
                return ["menu-item-key"]; // this field will now be disabled
        menu: [
                text: "Menu Item",
                key: "menu-item-key",
                EVENT_HANDLER: () => {
                    alert("Im a menu Item Action");
Prop Type Description
iconCls string class to be used for the action icon
menu arrayOf(object) menuItems, with text, key, EVENT_HANDLER properties. each object must contain a unique key relative to it's parent array. These keys will be used as the JSX element key.
onMenuShow func a method that fires upon menu action click. @return an array of keys to disable menu items that correspond with these keys.

Selection Model

export const plugins = {
        mode: "single",
        enabled: true,
        editEvent: "singleclick",
        allowDeselect: true,
        activeCls: "active-class",
        selectionEvent: "singleclick",
Prop Type Description
mode oneOf(['single', 'multi', 'checkbox-single', 'checkbox-multi']) determines whether a single value, or multiple values can be selected
editEvent oneOf(['singleclick', 'doubleclick', 'none']) what type of mouse event will trigger the editor
enabled bool whether the selection model class is initialized
allowDeselect bool whether a value can be deselected
activeCls string the class applied to active rows upon selection
selectionEvent oneOf(['singleclick', 'doubleclick']) the browser event which triggers the selection event

Error Handler

export const plugins = {
        defaultErrorMessage: "AN ERROR OCURRED",
        enabled: true,
Prop Type Description
defaultErrorMessage string the default error message to display when no error information is available
enabled bool whether the error handler should be initialized


export const plugins = {
    LOADER: {
        enabled: true,
Prop Type Description
enabled bool whether the loading mask should be initialized

Bulk Actions

export const plugins = {
        enabled: true,
        actions: [
                text: "Bulk Action Button",
                EVENT_HANDLER: () => {
                    console.log("Doing a bulk action");
Prop Type Description
enabled bool whether the bulk action toolbar should be used
actions arrayOf(object) the actions (including button text, and event handler) that will be displayed in the bar

Row renderer

export const plugins = {
    ROW: {
        enabled: true,
        renderer: ({ rowProps, cells, row }) => {
            return <tr {...rowProps}>{cells}</tr>;
Prop Type Description
enabled bool whether the bulk action toolbar should be used
renderer func function which returns the row contents for this row


All grid events are passed in as a single object.

export const events = {
    HANDLE_CELL_CLICK: () => {},
    HANDLE_ROW_CLICK: () => {},
    HANDLE_BEFORE_SORT: () => {},
    HANLE_BEFORE_EDIT: () => {},
    HANDLE_AFTER_ROW_DROP: () => {},
    HANDLE_EDITOR_FOCUS: () => {},
    HANDLE_EDITOR_BLUR: () => {},

Each function is passed two arguments, the first is a context object which will contain metadata about the event, and the second argument is the browser event if applicable.

HANDLE_CELL_CLICK = ({ row, rowId, rowIndex }, e) => {};


All core components and plugins have corresponding .styl files that can be extended or overwritten. Class names have also been modularized and are available to modify or extend within src/constants/gridConstants.js

To update CLASS_NAMES or the CSS_PREFIX dynamically, you can use the applyGridConfig function. More information is available here.

export const CSS_PREFIX = "react-grid";

export const CLASS_NAMES = {
    ACTIVE_CLASS: "active",
    DRAG_HANDLE: "drag-handle",
    SORT_HANDLE: "sort-handle",
    SECONDARY_CLASS: "secondary",
    CONTAINER: "container",
    TABLE: "table",
    HEADER: "header",
    ROW: "row",
    CELL: "cell",
    PAGERTOOLBAR: "pager-toolbar",
    EMPTY_ROW: "empty-row",
    LOADING_BAR: "loading-bar",
    DRAGGABLE_COLUMN: "draggable-column",
    COLUMN: "column",
    SORT_HANDLE_VISIBLE: "sort-handle-visible",
    BUTTONS: {
        PAGER: "page-buttons",
        CHECKBOX: "checkbox",
        CHECKBOX_CONTAINER: "checkbox-container",
        CONTAINER: "error-container",
        MESSAGE: "error-message",
    EDITOR: {
        INLINE: {
            CONTAINER: "inline-editor",
            SHOWN: "shown",
            HIDDEN: "hidden",
            SAVE_BUTTON: "save-button",
            CANCEL_BUTTON: "cancel-button",
            BUTTON_CONTAINER: "button-container",
        CONTAINER: "action-container",
        SELECTED_CLASS: "action-menu-selected",
        MENU: {
            CONTAINER: "action-menu-container",
            ITEM: "action-menu-item",
        CONTAINER: "bulkaction-container",
        DESCRIPTION: "bulkaction-description",
        SHOWN: "shown",
        HIDDEN: "hidden",