Genealogy todo list in Django. v0.1-alpha (prerelease)
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A simple genealogy todo item app.


These installation instructions assume some basic knowledge of Django.

  • Clone the repo
  • Create a virtualenv for the project if you want
  • Copy to and edit to taste (and make sure you put something in SECRET_KEY)
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • ./ migrate
  • ./ createsuperuser
  • ./ runserver 8001


Items are attached to families, which have a husband and/or a wife.

To add a new item/family:

  • Click the "Add Item" button at the top of the screen (or hit Ctrl+Return)
  • Type in the todo item in the box at the top of the dialog
  • In the Family field, type the husband's name followed by a slash followed by the wife's name (and you can leave the husband's or wife's name blank)
    • For example, "Gregorio Sanchez / Isabella Gutierrez"
    • If you've already added families, they'll show up in an autosuggest box
  • Click Add Item
  • On the detail page for the new item, you can click on the family link and then edit the family to add Family Tree ID numbers
  • To complete an item, click its box on the detail page
  • To uncomplete an item, click its box again on the detail page

On the family page, items can be rearranged (drag and drop).

To see everything in the system, search for *.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Ctrl+Return to open Add Item dialog
  • Shift+Return to save changes on a dialog
  • / to focus on the search box
  • h to return to the home page