patch and application shell script for getting Meteor to work on Cloud 9
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Please Note

As of 27 Feb 2013 this patch patcher is not required. Acemtp updated his patch to 0.5.7, the current version at this time. If or when that patch becomes out of date we may update this patch to suit and give us up-to-date meteor between acemtp releases.

This means you only need to follow the directions at for the moment

(Thank you acemtp for updating!)


A simple patch and patcher for patching meteor ( to work on Cloud 9 IDE (

Tested and created for Meteor 0.5.6, 0.5.7 against acemtp's original 0.55 patch.

Patch was derived from the Diff published by acemtp (at



  • Follow the install instructions at
  • This will install meteor 0.5.4, but Meteor will complain that it wants to update
  • Let it (run meteor update)
  • Reapply the changes:

$ curl > c9-meteor.patch

$ curl >

$ chmod +x

$ ./


This is very crude. Possible improvements

  • Provide a single curlable script that downloads the actual patch and applies it (like all the cool kids are doing)
  • release the full c9 build as actmp did

Ultimately though, perhaps Meteor should be tweaked to allow a user to specify the IP as well as the port, as well as the other minor changes (eg Mongo ports). These changes would undoubtedly help other cloud platforms.

Pull requests welcome!


Thanks to Vianney Lecroart (aka acemtp) at Thanks to Meteor (