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Material design date picker component for polymer
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NOTE: in bower, this package is polymer-paper-date-picker

Material Design date picker, compatible with Polymer 1.0

Provides a responsive date picker based on the material design spec. This component aims to be a clone of the date picker introduced in Android Lollipop.

wide picker screenshot narrow picker screenshot

See the component page for full documentation.


Default picker:


Setting the initial date to April 20, 2015:

<paper-date-picker date="April 20, 2015"></paper-date-picker>

You may also specify a minimum and/or maximum date allowed in this picker using the same date notation:

<paper-date-picker min-date="April 1, 2015" max-date="June 30, 2015"></paper-date-picker>

If you include this element as part of paper-dialog, use the class "paper-date-picker-dialog" on the dialog element in order to give it proper styling:

<paper-dialog id="dialog" class="paper-date-picker-dialog" modal
  <paper-date-picker id="picker" date="[[date]]"></paper-date-picker>
  <div class="buttons">
    <paper-button dialog-dismiss>Cancel</paper-button>
    <paper-button dialog-confirm>OK</paper-button>

Reporting Bugs

When filing a bug report, please provide an example of how to repoduce using plunker, jsbin, jsfiddle, etc. You can use the following plunker as a starting point:


Pull requests are welcome and greatly appreciated. However, in order to speed up the review process, pull requests will not be merged if they include multiple unrelated changes (eg: "Fix for XYZ and other tweaks"). Also, don't include "opinionated" changes that aren't necessary for the feature or bugfix.

When submitting a PR for a bugfix, please reference the issue number in the commit message. For example: "Fixes issue #123".

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