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Squawk Logo

Creating noise-as-a-service, as an act of civil disobedience, that attacks the wholesale surveillance of Australian citizens under the data retention program.

Follow us on twitter, and let us know you're squawk certified!



Deploying squawk is achieved simply by adding the following line to the head of your web sites:

<script src="//"></script>

Deploying this code will cause your web site visitors to make a single request to a random IP address, for every request that you serve with the script tag, in order to add noise to the logs being kept by Australian ISPs.


You can install squawk as a package or module for various systems.

Drupal module: squawk modules for Drupal versions 5, 6, 7 and 8 are available.

Have you created a module or package you'd like to add to this list? Simply create an issue, or submit a pull request to our GitHub repository.

Things we want to do

  • Avert DDoSs (throttling requests)
  • Emulate real usage more closely:
    • Delays with a couple of requests per page load
    • Save the IP address in local storage to reuse over a couple of pages
  • Add HTTPS (can you get us Let's Encrypt access?)
  • Only run if the requestor is in Australia
  • Only make requests to Australian IP addresses
  • Internationalise
  • Hide the referrer


Primary thanks need to go to @mnemote for coming up with the idea and roping me in to creating it over a pint in Hobart. Partial thanks also to Hobart for the great beer!

Like it or not, products just aren't adopted if they don't look good. I'd like to thank @kattekrab for the logo, which not only reflects the project's onomatapoeic name perfectly, it's also a little cocky! See what I did there?

Thanks, also, to these awesome people for submitting pull requests to make the project better: Rick Measham.


The squawk source code is © 2016 Ben Dechrai, and made available under the GPLv3.


Noise-as-a-service that attacks the wholesale surveillance of Australian citizens under the data retention program.




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