Adaptation of Vibrant Ink color scheme to (oh my) zsh, complete with 256 color support and modules for virtualenv, rvm, git, and hg.
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Vibrant Ink for (Oh My) ZSH

This theme features the Vibrant Ink colorscheme, created by Justin Palmer and ported to vim by Jo Vermeulen. I use the vim theme and wanted something to match, so I started porting the scheme to oh my zsh as sensically as possible, tyring to retain the meaning of the colors for a texteditor as I ported them to a shell.

Along the way I added a few other things I either wrote or compiled from other scripts (see the source for extended credits):

  • virtualenv support, so you know when you're in an active virtualenv
  • rvm support, so you know when you're in an active Ruby virtual environment (note: I don't usually use rvm so this is not well-tested)
  • git support, using a combination of oh my zsh's git tools and a little extra space I wrote
  • hg support, using stuff I wrote myself (note: hg is...slow, and using the shell with hg there is a small delay; let me know if you have ideas for fixes)
  • full customization of the symbols used in one easy location: the top of the file!
  • 256-color terminal support (ooo, pretty!)

Thanks for trying out what I think is a very nice colorscheme!