Pyhp is a way to execute PHP Source Code directly within Python Scripts
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PHP License v3.01.txt


VERSION 0.4 PyHP (was formely PyPHP) - Python integrated PHP Interpreter

USE WORD WRAP - Yeah so kill me.

With this software it is currently possible to run php scripts or source directly from Python.
This is primarily intended to execute simple formatting scripts from Python or to use PHP as a templating language for Python Webservers.

WHY DO THIS? Because PHP has a nice standard library for doing simple functional manipulations that are often needed in templates.  It's better to use a well documented well-maintained language than implementing yet another pseudo language for templating. PHP also handles iteration well and concisely.
With HIP-HOP we can make the worlds fastest dynamic templates that are written in PHP! (just give us a little bit more time)

Why Use Python at All?
Python is an application language - it's capable of producing excellent applications, command-line utilities, curses, webservers, etc... PHP IS NOT.
PHP is a scripting language designed to do fairly simple things; and both it's greatest strength and its greatest weakness - PHP IS NOT STATEFUL; it resets after every request. This means information cannot be shared between requests without using shared memory or some IPC of some-type.
PHP is however great for formatting strings, iterating, and has a huge standard library of functions to do many many things.

Currently allows single-threaded execution of PHP source code from Python.
It currently exposes methods to convert Python Data structures to PHP Data Structures (except for objects, and resources)


= Prerequisites =
# Download the latest PHP source from <>
# Install libxml2-dev
#* Ubuntu:
#** <code>sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev</code>

= Compiling PHP Embed =
# Decompress the archive.
#* <code>tar -xv php-5.3.3.tar</code>
# Configure the source.
#* <code>./configure --enable-embed=shared</code>
#** <code>--enable-embed</code> can be be either <code>shared</code> (for a shared object) or <code>static</code> (for a static object)
# Compile and install the source
#* <code>sudo make all install</code>
#* The PHP shared object (<code></code>) will be located at <code>/usr/local/lib</code>
#* The PHP includes files will be located in <code>/usr/local/include/php</code>

1.) Install PHP as a Shared Object on your system (compile to .so)  (SEE ABOVE)
2.) Install python-dev "sudo apt-get install python-dev"
3.) You might need these also: "sudo apt-get install python-numpy python-distutils-extra python-setuptools"
3.) Run "sudo python build"
4.) Run "sudo python install"

-Allow PHP script return values, and marshal to python data types (easy)
-Integrate Facebooks HIP-HOP for simple templates to compile to C++ OR use Facebooks intepreter to allow multi-threaded execution for non-blocking polling webservers like TWISTED
-Eliminate need for PHP .so altogether
-Update this readme to an acceptable state - (sorry) we'll get to it soon, but we want to change a lot still.
-Add notes on working with multibyte / UTF8 strings between languages.
-add doc tags to the Python Source so documentation can be auto-generated (our fault for being lazy first time around)

This product includes PHP software, freely available from