Data interchange format based on S-expressions.
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== SXP Depot

This is the Git repository for reference implementations of the SXP data
interchange format. The repository is organized into top-level directories
for each supported programming language (referred to as `language
implementations', further on).

=== About SXP

SXP is a data interchange format based on S-expressions, the simplest and
most versatile known means of representing complex data structures such as
lists, trees and graphs.


=== About Git


== Languages

Currently supported programming languages:

* Common Lisp
* JavaScript
* Python
* Ruby
* Scheme

== Download

* git clone git://

== Author

Arto Bendiken ( -

== License

Copyright (c) 2007-2008 Arto Bendiken <>

All SXP reference implementation source code is available under the terms of
the MIT license; in addition, certain language implementations may also be
dual-licensed under some other open-source license. For more information,
see the LICENSE file accompanying each language implementation.