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A universal S-expression parser for Ruby.
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SXP.rb: S-Expressions for Ruby

This is a Ruby implementation of a universal S-expression parser.


  • Parses S-expressions in universal, Scheme, Common Lisp, or SPARQL syntax.
  • Adds a #to_sxp method to Ruby objects.
  • Compatible with Ruby 1.8.7+, Ruby 1.9.x, Ruby 2.0.x, and JRuby 1.4/1.5.


require 'sxp'

Parsing basic S-expressions "(* 6 7)"  #=> [:*, 6, 7] <<-EOF
  (define (fact n)
    (if (= n 0)
        (* n (fact (- n 1)))))

#=> [:define, [:fact, :n],
      [:if, [:"=", :n, 0],
            [:*, :n, [:fact, [:-, :n, 1]]]]]

Parsing Scheme S-expressions %q((and #t #f))             #=> [:and, true, false]

Parsing Common Lisp S-expressions %q((or t nil))          #=> [:or, true, nil]

Parsing SPARQL S-expressions

require 'rdf' %q((base <>))  #=> [:base, RDF::URI('')]

Writing an SXP with formatting

SXP::Generator.print([:and, true, false])   #=> (and #t #f)


Parsing SXP

  • {SXP::Reader}
    • {SXP::Reader::Basic}
      • {SXP::Reader::CommonLisp}
      • {SXP::Reader::Extended}
        • {SXP::Reader::Scheme}
        • {SXP::Reader::SPARQL}

Manipulating SXP

  • {SXP::Pair}
    • {SXP::List}

Generating SXP

  • {SXP::Generator}


  • Ruby (>= 1.8.7) or (>= 1.8.1 with Backports)
  • RDF.rb (>= 1.0.0), only needed for SPARQL S-expressions


The recommended installation method is via RubyGems. To install the latest official release of the SXP.rb gem, do:

% [sudo] gem install sxp


To get a local working copy of the development repository, do:

% git clone git://

Alternatively, you can download the latest development version as a tarball as follows:

% wget





SXP.rb is free and unencumbered public domain software. For more information, see or the accompanying UNLICENSE file.

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