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-Yet Another RSS, a simple RSS plugin for Deluge.
+Yet another RSS 2, a RSS plugin for Deluge.
-Author: Camillo Dell'mour
+Author: Bro
-Contributers: Bro
+Based on YaRSS by Camillo Dell'mour
License: GPLv3
-v0.2 - 2012-03-10
+v1.0 - 2012-03-27
-* Added "Move completed" option for the torrents added by a feed.
-* Added a button "Test feeds" which runs the update handler immediately.
-* Added columns "Site" (torrent site address) and "Move Completed" (File path where the file is moved to when finished downloading)
-* Changed update time value from seconds to minutes. Minimum amount of minutes between each execution is 15 minutes.
-* Changed the config format. The old config should be updated on the first run, but if nothings works (in case the update routine failed), it might help deleting the old yarss.config file.
-* Caches the RSS download so that multiple feeds for the same address will only stress the server once.
+* First release
+Known limitations
-* The quality field is only used when adding EZTV feed, so thats why it can't be edited.
-* None-ascii characters might not work too well, so it's safest to stay with a-z characters.
+* None-ascii characters for searching does not work.
-(Tested with Deluge 1.3.3)
+(Tested with Deluge 1.3.4)

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