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correct the order of tables in init_global.sql

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1 parent 16b1faf commit bdb897ddd92718bcc3d4472a8b0c910ed1cba33c @bendiy committed Apr 1, 2013
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  1. +8 −4 node-datasource/database/source/init_global.sql
@@ -10,23 +10,27 @@
-- [ START ] xt
-- xt tables
-\i xt/tables/bicache.sql
+-- These need to be in the correct order for them to load based on dependant columns.
\i xt/tables/datasource.sql
\i xt/tables/dbserver.sql
\i xt/tables/ext.sql
-\i xt/tables/oa2client.sql
-\i xt/tables/oa2clientredirs.sql
-\i xt/tables/oa2token.sql
\i xt/tables/org.sql
\i xt/tables/orgext.sql
-- TODO Remove session in a future version after it has had time to be dropped.
\i xt/tables/session.sql
\i xt/tables/sessionorg.sql
\i xt/tables/sessionstore.sql
\i xt/tables/usr.sql
\i xt/tables/usrorg.sql
+\i xt/tables/oa2client.sql
+\i xt/tables/oa2clientredirs.sql
+\i xt/tables/oa2token.sql
+\i xt/tables/bicache.sql
-- xt functions
\i xt/functions/add_priv.sql

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