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The PRCO304 Embedded Processor Design and Compiler
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PRCO304 Embedded Processor Design and Compiler

This repository is part of the final project for University of Plymouth's PRCO304 module.

Start by reading doc/final/build/Ben_Lancaster_10424877.pdf.


Build Status

Build the compiler and emulator

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
cmake --build .

or to run all tests (recommended):

cd prco_compiler/test


To compile to machine code:

cli -i tests/binary_ops_1.prco -d -D0xFF -O1

To emulate machine code:

emu -D0xFF

Example programs

Example programs can be found in prco_compiler/test/tests/*.prco.


Instantiate the Verilog processor core using the following snippet (fill in your wires):

// Instantiate a processor core
prco_core inst_core (
    // Operating mode (HIGH=single-step)
    // Single-step pulse
    // UART comms
    // Debug outputs

Made publically available on: 21/05/2018

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