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Commits on Mar 3, 2011
  1. @jaubourg

    Merge branch 'master' of into deferred.1.6

    jaubourg committed
  2. @jaubourg
Commits on Mar 2, 2011
  1. @jaubourg

    Makes sure deferreds attached to the animation queue are no resolved …

    jaubourg committed
    …before the animation callback is fired.
  2. @jaubourg

    Deports fn.promise into queue.js. Simplifies and optimizes greatly ho…

    jaubourg committed
    …w and when the deferreds are constructed. Doesn't crash in Firefox anymore. Unit tests pending. Also removes attachPromise, adds the isObservable helper and refactors jQuery.when.
  3. @jaubourg
  4. @jaubourg

    Removes attachPromise and make the fix for #4825 a lot cleaner. No mo…

    jaubourg committed
    …re deferred attached to elements by load for now.
Commits on Feb 27, 2011
  1. @jaubourg

    Renames addPromise as attachPromise. Removes remains of older code an…

    jaubourg committed
    …d _removePromise. Always create a deferred if not is provided to attachPromise which simplifies code tremendously. Hook in animate and load modified. Unit Tests updated.
  2. @jaubourg

    Added jQuery.fn.promise with companion jQuery.fn.addPromise and priva…

    jaubourg committed
    …te jQuery._removePromise. Used inside jQuery.animate and jQuery.load. Unit tests added. Some minor refactoring in deferred.js.
Commits on Feb 24, 2011
  1. @gnarf

    Grouped up the test

    gnarf committed
  2. @gnarf

    A quick change to detect AIR urls

    gnarf committed
  3. @jaubourg

    Removes jQuery.whenAny, jQuery.whenNone, promise.and and promise.or. …

    jaubourg committed
    …Also, adds deferred.js to test/csp.php.
  4. @jaubourg

    jQuery 1.6 Deferred Enhancements Proposal

    jaubourg committed
    - Deferred code refactored and deported into its own file (src/deferred.js):
      + New helpers:
        * jQuery.whenAny( p1, p2, ... ):
          is resolved if at least one of the given arguments is resolved,
          rejected otherwise
        * jQuery.whenNone( p1, p2, ... ):
          is resolved if none of the arguments are, rejected otherwise
      + New promise methods:
        * promise.always( fn1, fn2, ... ):
          callbacks are executed whether the deferred is resolved or rejected
        * promise.and( p1, p2, ... ):
          equivalent to jQuery.when( promise, p1, p2, ... )
        * promise.or( p1, p2, ... ):
          equivalent to jQuery.whenAny( promise, p1, p2, ... )
        * promise.chain( fn ):
          filters the resolve value and returns a new promise.
          For instance:
              var defer = jQuery.Deferred(),
                  filtered = defer.chain(function( a, b ) {
                      return a * b;
              filtered.done(function( res ) {
                  console.log( res );
              defer.resolve( 2, 3 );
          will output "6" in the console.
          Can also be used to chain deferreds:
              jQuery.ajax( "service1" ).chain(function( response ) {
                  // The first request succeeded
                  return jQuery.ajax( "service2", {
                      data: response
              }).done(function() {
                  // The second request succeeded
        * promise.invert():
          returns a new promise that is rejected when the original one is
          resolved and vice versa
    - deferred unit tests are now in test/unit/deferred.js
      (234 test total)
    - in src/core.js:
      + moved code around so that the ready deferred is created only when
        needed (allows deferred code to be out of core.js)
      + jQuery.readyPromise() added to have access to the ready promise
        Ex: jQuery.readyPromise().then(...)
  5. @jaubourg
Commits on Feb 23, 2011
  1. @jaubourg

    Revert "Fixes #8353. Adds a catch block in resolveWith so that the fi…

    jaubourg committed
    …nally block gets executed in IE7 and IE6."
    This reverts commit cacea6f.
  2. @jeresig
  3. @jeresig

    Tagging the 1.5.1 release.

    jeresig committed
  4. @jeresig

    Make a new - splitting apart the previo…

    jeresig committed
    …us feature detect relating to clone in IE, fixes the last remaining issue with IE 9 RC. Fixes #8365.
  5. @jaubourg

    Refactors jQuery.when to avoid unnecessary recursion and limit functi…

    jaubourg committed
    …on calls as much as possible.
  6. @jaubourg

    Fixes #8353. Adds a catch block in resolveWith so that the finally bl…

    jaubourg committed
    …ock gets executed in IE7 and IE6.
Commits on Feb 21, 2011
  1. @jaubourg

    Makes the promise method of Deferreds a bit more readable by not usin…

    jaubourg committed
    …g the variable declared as parameter trick anymore.
Commits on Feb 18, 2011
  1. @jeresig
  2. @jeresig

    Tagging the 1.5.1rc1 release.

    jeresig committed
  3. @danheberden
  4. @jaubourg

    Revert "Adds an invert method to promises that returns a "inverted" p…

    jaubourg committed
    …romise that is resolved when the underlying deferred is rejected and rejected when the underlying deferred is resolved."
    This reverts commit 4e97543.
  5. @SlexAxton @csnover

    A temporary workaround for #8018 that avoids any chance of compatibil…

    SlexAxton committed with csnover
    …ity-breaking changes until a proper fix can be landed in 1.6.
Commits on Feb 17, 2011
  1. @jitter

    Fix a some inaccuracies in the original test case for #7912.

    jitter committed
    - Use fresh div instead of one outside the test-fixture
    - make sure the empty string test tests actually that (not 0% 0%)
    - actually test for < -10000 (#7193)
    - fixed some whitespace issues
  2. @jitter

    Fixes #7912. Make sure .cur() only returns 0 as fallback value when i…

    louisremi committed with jitter
    …t needs to ("", auto, undefined, null).
    This change makes .cur() more .cssHooks friendly. .cur() now returns the unmodified value by
    .css() if it isn't a number, number-alike or a value that needs a fallback to 0.
    This way fx.start doesn't need to be recalculated for complex values.
  3. @dmethvin @jitter

    Only perpetrate the .toJSON hack on data caches when they are attache…

    dmethvin committed with jitter
    …d to a plain Javascript object. Part of the continuing saga of #8108.
  4. @jaubourg

    Fixes #8297. Makes sure response headers with empty values are handle…

    jaubourg committed
    …d properly and do not prevent proper parsing of the entire response headers string. Unit test amended.
Commits on Feb 15, 2011
  1. @jitter

    Revert "Merge branch '8099' of into …

    jitter committed
    This reverts commit bb94085, reversing
    changes made to 3ad8dd2.
  2. @jitter

    Fix some whitespace issues.

    jitter committed
  3. @dmethvin @jitter

    Fixes #7922. Copy the donor event when simulating a bubbling submit i…

    dmethvin committed with jitter
    …n IE so that we don't accidentally stop propagation on it. Remove a bunch of return statements that could also cancel the event. DRY out the liveFired change from #6359 by moving it to the trigger() function.
  4. @jaubourg

    Fixes #8277. Sets data to undefined rather than null when it is not p…

    jaubourg committed
    …rovided in ajax helpers so that it won't revent data set in ajaxSettings from being used. Unit test added.
  5. @jitter
Commits on Feb 14, 2011
  1. @csnover

    Update to use jQuery.noop for toJSON hack instead of an a…

    csnover committed
    …dditional superfluous function.
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